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Why it is not always necessary to be completely open in sex

In what cases in sex, it is necessary to announce the rules of the game and to try to adhere to them, and here it is better not to sound true intentions, imaginations and desires? We list the key moments.

The sincerity and openness together with an opportunity to completely trust the partner in sex whereas are great. But, give frankly, not always we have an ideal sex in which there is a place to any emotions. Sometimes in the intimate sphere we put on a mask for various reasons: it is single sex with the stranger, it is friendly sex with the old friend, it is sex with other woman from interest. Or still any contact during which you would like to keep yourself and the borders.

When it is important?

You do not trust your partner


You see this person for the first time in life. Or just there is no guarantee that he will not begin to talk about you tales for the next day, or, it is worse than that, to blackmail. It happens too, alas. Of course, it is better in the principle to steer clear of similar characters – not only in sex, and in general in life. But sometimes the proximity connected with danger is especially interesting. So, there is a sense to risk, but completely you should not reveal, of course.

You are not ready to sex experiments

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Do you consider yourself courageous and ready to try a lot of things in sex, but specifically today something goes not so? Or, as the option, is not pleasant to you where you are called by your partner. Means, there it is not necessary to go simply. It is not obligatory to explain, by the way, too at all if you do not want it to do for any reasons. In sex sometimes there is no place to half tones and no means only one – no. Period.

You are not sure whether your desires will be pleasant to the partner

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Our freedom comes to an end where freedom of other person begins. And if we want our borders to be respected, it is impossible to forget about respect of borders of the partner. If you doubt that you, he (she, they) is not ready to satisfaction of your ideas and imaginations, hundred times think whether it is worth offering? The simplest, of course is to ask words through a mouth or go to JessaminLive.com chat and ask Live Jasmin girls who serve VIP members, but also here it is necessary to be very sensitive: not everyone we can honestly and quietly refuse if we do not want something.

You are too tired and want simple sex

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Here everything is simple. Sometimes there is a wish to be discharged quickly and to go to bed quietly. Forces is absent – moral, emotional and physical – on anything another just. There is no wish to go and investigate any fine distances in sex somewhere. Means, it is necessary to designate from the very beginning it that the partner was not disappointed then. He, probably, expected the sex goddess radiating with passion with a sex marathon, and here all simply and quickly. 

You want role-play sex (and to hide real yourself)

Let’s assume, you are respectable mother having many children and the business lady. And you want to stay liberated and even dismissed, but with the permanent partner you cannot such be. Or you were visited by the idea to try lesbian sex (group contact a phone sex and anything). You are not obliged to reveal immediately the presents a name and a surname and even the persons face shines at all nobody forces if you do not want.

Sex adventures of subjects are also good that in them it is possible to explore the secret worlds in himself, remaining terra incognito for the partner. Probably, after that it will want to reveal more – and can be, it and will remain your hot secret.