female orgasm

Rules of imitation of an orgasm

Most of women at least once in life represented a rough orgasm, without testing actually anything similar.

However, it is not so simple to represent so thin emotional and physical feeling. The man went clever, and on banal shrieks and the scratched backs already very few people are bought.

    We decided to call to the aid the best practices and to make own practical grant on imitation of an orgasm.

The second act, last scene

No, I will not join debating club of lovers to argue on harm of imitation of a female orgasm. It is already clear that the girls who are well owning acting skills refuse chance to test all scale of feelings from sexual contact. But there are cases when it is best to pretend to be, than to explain why you cannot. And it is best to pretend to be with skill.

For example, you were tired and you are hurt by the head. Not that – water there is no wish for sex. But clever girls know that it is sometimes best to forget about the don’t want day and a half-hour to suffer. But so that any living soul did not guess as it from this sex turns back you at present. Clever girls are always good actresses. As I already spoke, we do not consider option at which the girl pretends to be in 100% of cases. Or here still example: well, it is impossible today in any way. Each sex is good, and the partner is loved, and there is no orgasm everything and is not present. He was already tired, sweated, and all of you did not come to a point of the highest pleasure in any way, and your head is visited by thoughts that this time this does not happen. There is only one: it is competent to play a scene of rough delight.

Play by the rules

Options of imitation of an orgasm, judging by specialized subjects in women’s forums, there is great variety. The main thing is to remember that the orgasm simulated has to be the most exact copy of an orgasm original. Someone knows, your partner is how observant. And if not only it is observant, but also is hypochondriac, any falseness will strike a blow to his vanity and self-confidence. Therefore, at a leisure remember how you behave during an orgasm or watch examples of specific sites where girls stream live and often imitate orgasm.

  • Moan. The more loudly, the better. As you will feel desire to quicker finish process, begin to breathe very often, then hold the breath for a second and sharply exhale, without forgetting to publish lingering groan. Affects many men as a signal that you are all.
  • Hug the gentleman stronger. You can begin to bite and be scratched. Only be not fond, and that it is possible to have a bite a carotid.
  • Begin to move rhythmically, then stand, strain and sharply relax, surely reducing muscles. The reductions, the better will be more often. The man went formed now and knows that he involuntary reductions of muscles is the foremost sign that the partner derived pleasure in full.
  • Some imitations of the woman which are especially grounded in business recommend to strain legs, to spread wide fingers, to be extended in a string and with lingering groan (by the way, it is possible and to moan something intelligent, for example: oh, oh, this is fucking good) to relax.

Orgasm and other strange things

couple cuddling

One girl got an orgasm in so strange way that it was very difficult to simulate it repeatedly. The fact is that during achievement of a point of the greatest pleasure from sex it was rolled away from the partner on other half of a bed, began to cry and hide in a corner, without allowing to touch itself. Without good preparation not to play it. Other woman, it is good to me the acquaintance, during an orgasm begins to laugh modulating children’s laughter and 10 cannot utter minutes a word. Sincere laughter, as well as sudden tears to play very difficult someone tried – knows. Generally, how many people, are so much also individual orgasms.

So, lovely ladies, choosing the shaky path of pretense, you remember that, first, imitating an orgasm constantly, it is never possible to find out how it looks actually, and secondly if such need arose, you do not overstep that bound where imitation of an orgasm comes to an end and begins imitation of bullshit. Especially as shortly we will talk that it is possible to make to learn to receive the most real, genuine orgasm. Cold women, as we know, do not exist.