“Sinful Desire’s Kit” Maxine X’s CalExotics Sexpert Adult Toy Review

Sinful Desires Kit” Nick Hawk Gigolo Toy Line

I’m sitting in my adult store, “Maxine’s Adult Playground”, about to blog about my New CalExotics product as a “Sexpert” called, “Sinful Desires” – A Nick Hawk Gigolo toy line.  It is packaged with a set of special silicone purple anal beads, a purple blindfold and a purple silicone rope.  A beginners bondage kit for couples. 

Being a fetish model for the last 10 years, I am use to a lot more hardcore, scary, kinky items.  Items regular couples never heard of.  And a lot of the items I never heard of until I the day my husband actually used them on me for my first time for our adult website, years ago.  The fact that all the items are made of silicone makes them especially nice for the beginner since they are more maliable, sanitary and warm to the touch.

 The “50 Shades Of Grey” Effect

Since the “50 shades of Grey” books hit housewives’ bedrooms all over the world, woman have been wanting to explore new things.  As a pro-sex, modern day, married woman and an adult store owner, I think it’s great!  Let the book break down the taboo walls of kink in everyday, vanilla couples’ bedrooms!  I am all for couples trying new things.  I’m a big believer that your relationship has to be solid in the bedroom first, to be a healthy and long lasting one.  I’ve been with my husband for 14 years and we had a family living with us as well.  Which is not easy.  But with real love, you make the time to build a strong loving relationship which includes dating and having regular sex. 

Who is Nick Hawk?

All that being said, I realized that looking at the box, I don’t know who Nick Hawk is.  It says he is a TV Star and my first thought is that he is a porn star, because they usually have them on the covers of adult toys.  I know I’m in the adult industry, but I don’t live in LA, Vegas or Florida and I am not directly connected to everyone working in the industry.  Like you, I see most of them from afar and only when I work with them or go to Las Vegas for the Adult Entertainment Expo www.AdultEntertainmentExpo.com do I see the rest of them up close.

So looking at the box, I see a good looking white guy, with dark hair, tattoos on his arms with the sub-caption “Star of the Showtime hit series Gigolos”  Gigolos?  I’ve never seen or heard of it.   Well, I guess it’s because I cancelled my cable, bought a 3D / Internet / Smart TV or maybe it just a U.S. TV show and I live in Canada?  So, for the Nick Hawk and Gigolos fans, my apologies for living under a rock!   But for those of you who don’t know either…. let’s do some research and find out more about him.

 The TV Show “Gigolo”

 I always start with Google.  Then from Google, I will usually pick a Youtube link to watch.  Isn’t that the way we do it in this generation?  Youtube tells me that Nick Hawk is literally a Gigolo.  The “Showtime” show is on it’s 4th season of a bunch of attractive looking guys living in Las Vegas who are best friends and work as male escorts.  Nice concept… I’m intrigued… And yes, sex sells to woman too!  I’ll have to find more episodes to watch. 

 Nick Hawk

Nick Hawk is not just a TV Star and a Gigolo, he is an entrepreneur, athlete and yes a singer!  But check out the bio on his website for more details on his wrestling career, being in the Air Force, winning the heavy weight bracket in Las Vegas “Grappler’s Quest”, taking second in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, his past as a male stripper and now his new adult sex toys and novelty line which the “Sinful Desires Kit” comes from.

 Adult Toy Review on the “Sinful Desires Kit”

 As for the my review of the new product by California Exotics Novelties, “Sinful Desires Kit”, I like it!  It is a product that I would sell in my adult store in Windsor, Canada “Maxine’s Adult Playground,” because these beginner kits are quite popular. 

 My Customers

 My main customers are regular, everyday couples that you work with you in the office.   They are your teachers, your construction workers, your medical professionals and more.  Sometimes it’s both couples walking in after dinner downtown to pick a little treat out for themselves for the weekend.  Sometimes a group of girlfriends / housewives walk in after a girls’ night out having drinks and all talking about the “50 Shades of Grey” toys from the book.  And other times, I get a man who’s wife has told him to go and find “This or That”… and bring it home.  From the item he asks for, I know she has read the book, “50 Shades of Grey” She is taking the initiative and telling him, that she wants to explore her sexual side and maybe her kinky side.

 Items Included in the “Sinful Desires Kit”

The Mask:

  • The very basic item in exploring your sexual side is in this box
  • It is also my favourite item to suggest to a beginner wanting to get kinky
  • The mask is an aid to heighten your other scenes 
  • Your eyes are closed, every touch, every breath is enhanced

The main thing that can turn a woman on, is the psychological.  The thought of not knowing what’s going to happen next, pumps up the anticipation.  Giving up control to a loving, trusting partner pumps up the adrenaline. 

And when you add a little roll play or mind games, the psychological arousal pumps in all your erogenous zones.   For women, that is necessary for our foreplay.

Silicone Rope:

  • Just like the mask, the rope is more for the psychological aspect 
  • Using a little restraints or some sort of bondage binds the hands in place to aid the psychological release of the mind

For woman, we don’t need it to be hard, tight or past our limits for it to work.  We just need the physical feeling that our hands are tied up and we don’t have any control.  The number one fantasy for woman is a little bondage. 

Anal Beads:

  • Last, but definitely not least, are the silicone anal beads
  • Not every woman is an anal queen, so start small and start basic
  • There are a lot of little nerve endings around the opening of the anus
  • The size of a finger touching the outside of the anus is extremely erotic

You can not go from O – 60, from non experienced anal play to full on anal sex with a man’s penis, until you have had practice, physically and mentally.

Taboos with Anal

There are many taboos with anal play that most people growing up with gain a negative but mostly uneducated view of the subject. 

  • Some people have had bad experienced that have scared them from trying it again 
  • Others feel it’s dirty, or think it’s not something couples should do or that it’s even unethical 

But the truth of the matter is, that done right, it is not supposed to hurt and in turn, it can create some of the most amazing orgasms for both men and woman.

Beginner Anal 101

  • My Anal advice for beginners is to always start when the recipient is turned on
  • The mind and muscles will relax during that period 
  • Make sure the recipient is not just thinking of the anal area, but try touching or vibing other erogenous zone and make them think of that arousal
  • The blindfold & bondage will aid in helping them giving up control mentally
  • When touching the anal area, use a feather light, wet finger and just play with the outer area and then the opening for a while, use plenty of lube

 After practising with your partner for a while, discuss whether they think they are ready for something bigger.

Try toys like:

  • anal beads
  • small vibrators
  • butt plugs

The anus has muscle memory and will learn to open up more and more each time.  So practice, practice, practice.

Breathing Techniques To Help

  • When beginning anal play, breath out.  It relaxes the whole body
  • Before pushing a toy or a penis for penetration, breath in (like a sucking motion with your anus)
  • Stop if the muscles feel tight, go slow and use lots of lube
  • Breath out to relax the body and the mind again
  • Breath in when pushing
  • Repeat as long as necessary
  • Once the muscles are relaxed and you have inserted the full width of the toy or penis, you can go to town!

Have fun trying new things with this CalExotic product called, “Sinful Desires Kit” by Nick Hawk from the TV Show “Gigolo”

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And if you have any comments or questions, I’d love to hear them.

Thank you, Maxine X