Not All Rabbits Are Created Equal

“Not first. Ultimate & I think I’m in love.”

(Miranda from “Sex and the City”)

My First Jack Rabbit

CalExotics Sexpert Adult Toy Review by Maxine X

Sitting at the Diner are four “30 something” New York girlfriends sipping coffee, pop, eating apple pie and talking about sex and sex toys.  “Big deal, in 50 years men are going to be obsolete anyway.”says Miranda waving a who cares jester with her hand and smiling.   Miranda is a busy New York Lawyer and is satisfied to be single.   Carrie drinks her pop squinting her eyes at Miranda as she listens to the words coming out of her girlfriend’s mouth.

“Already you can’t talk to them.”  Miranda continues as she sips her coffee.  “You don’t need them to have kids with, you don’t even need them to have sex with anymore… as I pleasantly discovered.”

“Uh Oh, sounds like someone just got her first vibrator.”  As Samantha the more sexually, adventurous friend, says with a devilish smile.

With a gleam in her blue eyes & a serious smile, Miranda holds up her coffee cup and adds, “Not first.  Ultimate.  And I think I’m in Love.”  Samantha lights up, mouth opened, listens and stares attentively at Miranda.

Charlotte can’t take it and prudishly interrupts the conversation putting her hand down on the table gesturing that she is not impressed.  In a high tone she says, “Oh please, Stop!  This is so sad.”  Miranda deviously smiles at her girlfriend with a gleam in her eye, loving that her sinister comments have pushed her friend’s buttons.  Charlotte is the fairy tale, hopelessly romantic girlfriend out of their group and they are positive she has never tried an adult toy.

Carrie, who is a sex blogger in New York City, puts down her coffee cup and butts into the conversation with, “Look, I’m not going to replace a man with some battery operated device.”  Then Miranda interrupts her with her satisfied look in her eye and pointing her finger at Carrie says, “You say that but you haven’t met the Rabbit.” As she  takes a sip of her coffee.

“Come on, if you’re going to get a vibrator, at least get one called the ‘Horse’,”  jokes Samantha.

“A vibrator does not call you on your birthday.” Charlotte says trying to debate the conversation.  Miranda smiles at her, tilts her head and just looks at her innocent girlfriend, as Charlotte continues, “A vibrator doesn’t send you flowers the next day and you can not bring a vibrator home to meet your mother!”

Miranda put up her two fingers in the air wiggling them in a rabbit ears gesture, smiles and says, “Well, I know where my next orgasm is coming from, who here can say as much?” as they all look at each other and giggle.

That was the famous conversation from the TV Show “Sex and the City” that put this adult toy “The Rabbit” on the map.

Sex talk among girlfriends are is not uncommon, but when that episode from the hit HBO show “Sex and the City” starring Sarah Jessica Parker came out, it opened the doors for more women to want to talk openly about sex.   More women were going out to buy vibrators with their girlfriends and they all wanted to find out if the Rabbit really works. Today, it is one of the most well known adult toys on the market.

 Not All Rabbits Are Created Equal

 There are many different versions of dual stimulating vibrators with multifunction like the Rabbit, but they are not all alike.  Looking at the package, it says it has a lot of different functions and it looks like it would be the same thing.  Since they usually cost quite a bit of money, I figure I would just buy a cheaper one.  After watching the “Sex and the City” Rabbit episode I used my cheap knock off dual vibrator which wasn’t even a rabbit head and I was quite disappointed.   So, when it was time to do my CalExotic Sexpert adult toy review on “My First Jack Rabbit” I was almost too quick to judge it.  But, my job is to try out the adult toys before doing my product review, so I have to try it.

I opened the package and took out the purple “My First Jack Rabbit” from CalExotics with the famous rabbit face and ears, put 4 AAA batteries in it and placed it in my left hand and turned on the top button.  Oooh!  The  Rabbit’s shaft is rotating nicely and has a good speed!  It’s not too fast or overwhelming, but definitely not slow either.  The silver beads have more power and is quieter than my old knock off toy.  Below its label “R / L”, I press it and it rotates the direction of the shaft.   I press it again and it instantly goes back to the original direction… ooh!

The next buttons below are for the Rabbit ears and I press the on button and those two long ears vibrate!  Touch the ears with the tips of your index finger and you can see how they move and buzz agents your skin.  Below are buttons that say, “Hi / Lo” and I press it and the ears vibrate faster…. OK, enough playing, time to get serious!

I put a generous amount of water based lube on the head of the toy and stick it in.  I like the girth, good size.  The power goes on and it feels nice moving around inside at a good speed.  I press it in deeper.  I like to switch the rotating direction back and forth, just for fun.  I like that you don’t have to work so hard to get off.  Girls wrists and arms are not as strong for masturbating as guys are, our arms get tired easier and when they do it takes you out of the mood of getting off.

My concern now is, are those little rabbit ears really going to hit the right spot on my clit?  I hate when it doesn’t hit the right spot.  And with a little help with my fingers pushing the rabbit head down towards my body, it is now hitting the spot.  And with a little push with my hands on the base of the toy it’s penetrating it in and out…. with very little effort…Oh…..Oh!  I had 5 little orgasms for my first try on “My First Jack Rabbit” toy!

My Review: I like it!

Now, back to more product research : )