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Silicone 10 Function Risque Toy Review

I am an Official Certified CalExotics Sexpert

So, I am so excited that I am now an Certified CalExotics Sexpert!   What is that?  Well, one of the biggest adult toy companies in the world sends me adult toys to try, review and blog!  How cool is that!  And of course I get to keep them all.  I worked hard to get this sexy, cool  blogger job by applying and sending them samples of my writings and  showed them how many followers I have on my social networking platforms.  But good news, you can have this cool job too!  Just check out  http://www.ClubCalExotics.com for more info about being a Sexpert.   Don’t forget to Add me under Maxine X on their social platform.

Silicone 10 Function Risque

My 1st CalExotics Sex Toy that was sent to me is the sexy little  Silicone Risque Anal Vibe.  Oh, my gosh it’s my favorite color, Fuchsia!  It is so cute.  Working at my own adult store Maxine’s Adult  Playground, I know there are a lot of girls like me that like their toys to be cute.  It vibes and it’s waterproof…. I’m done.  Sold.  It had  me at “So cute.”

The material for the toy is made from Silicone, not that cheap  material that you see some adult toys are made of.  Silicone grade  material which is a non active manufactured compound that feels similar  to rubber and that is heat resistant.  It is Phthalates Free  (a  substances that gets added to plastics to make them longer lasting and  more flexible).  Phthalates are thought to harbour chemicals which may  result in mutagenic and carcinogenic effects on the skin.  So when ever  possible check the box that it says, “Phthalates Free”

When I first got the Silicone Risque, I flipped it over to the bottom and put in the 2 AAA batteries and turned it on to check out the 10  Function toy.  And oh my gosh, I love a powerful toy.  I always tell  girls at my shop, “You can always turn it down but you can’t always turn it up.”  And if you enjoy adult toys like I do, you know that a week  powered toy can prevent you from reaching your orgasm and then you’ll  just be disappointed.

The Silicone Risque is not only powerful but it has different rhythms and pulsing to give the toy a little bit more excitement.

I’m an anal girl.  I enjoy it with my husband, I have preformed anal in many adult films & I find I that I have intense orgasms with it.  I also teach “Anal 101” with the tips that I was taught to me by a  Chanta Rose who was in the adult industry 10 years longer I have been.  I have also done write ups online called, “Anal 101″, workshops in person as well as video blogging about “How to do Anal.”

I love the shape of the Silicone Risque because I find the  different bumps on an anal toy provides more stimulation while playing  with it.  You have a lot of nerve endings in the anal area and the  opening and closing of the ass while being vibrated is amazing!  Is that a technical word?  Amazing.

I do love and recommend this toy.

I now have a special place for the Silicon Risque in the little basket on my night table beside my bed.