CalExotics Toy Review: Precious Metal Jewels – The Duchess

Spring Time Brings Out The Rabbits:

We are now near the end of March.  Spring is officially here and Easter is on it’s way!  And what do you think of, when you think Easter… (I apologize if I offend any religious people)?  But most people usually think of colorful Easter eggs, a cute little rabbit & lots of chocolate!

As an adult store owner, I have already had customers come into my store ahead of time to buy their girlfriend a Rabbit Vibe for the holidays.

If you don’t know what a Rabbit Vibe is, it is a tall looking adult toy with moving parts in the shaft, that rotate and sometimes thrust.  It has a base where one can hold the toy and push the buttons that has many different functions for speeds & pulsing.

In the middle of the toy, there is some sort of arm coming out  which usually has the shape of a rabbit head, cute little rabbit ears, but it can also be other things such as a dolphin or a butterfly.  That extra arm is to vibe the clitoris.  It is a dual vibe toy.

The reason why there are dual vibe toys out there, is because a woman can enjoy a better orgasm with both, her G-Spot & her clitoris stimulated at the same time.

I also enjoy it that way.  But I have tried other Rabbit Vibes and they are not all good.  Some are expensive and really amazing, some are cheaper and not as powerful and sometimes the moving parts don’t always feel as good as it sounds like it would.

I am so excited that I am now an Certified CalExotics Sexpert and I have this cool job to test out toys and blog about them!  The toy that they have sent me this month is “Precious Metal Jewels – The Duchess” and it is a Rabbit Vibe.

The Precious Metal Jewels Rabbit Vibe is the best Rabbit vibe I have ever tried!  And that is not an exaggeration or a sales pitch, but I am happy to announce how empressesed I am with this toy.

Sometimes with Rabbit Vibes they are not as powerful as you would like them to be. The first thing I noticed was the power.  Awesome.  As I say to the girls at my store: “You can always turn it down, but you can’t always turn it up.”

CalExotics have definitely taken the girls favourite Rabbit and they have made an amazing new, modern version.

Most Rabbit vibes have moving beads in the middle of the shaft which allow the toy to feel real by moving around inside you.  This new modern version of a Rabbit is so much different.  There are no bulky beads trying to move around, it has a totally different mechanics.  Instead of beads, there is a powerful vibe placed vertical up in the middle of the the shaft that can also rote the toy in circles inside you. Another thing that I was happy with is where the Rabbit ears are placed for the clitoris.  One Rabbit I had tried, didn’t seam to fit my body properly and I was frustrated trying to get it in the right spot.  I ended up being disappointed and I stop using it.

The Precious Metal Jewels and I are now new best friends!  It has 5 functions which seams like it has a lot more.  It vibes up to a high power, rotates, stimulates the clitoris at the same time and it is an “Oh, my God toy”!  I used this with my husband and I loved it!  Thank you CalExotics!  Great work!

And Stay tuned for more of my CalExotics Adult Toy Reviews, vlogs & photos.