Silicone Butterfly Kiss – The New Version Of My Top Selling Adult Toy!

Not everyone knows what they want when they enter an adult store.  And it’s the same in my store Maxine’s Adult Playground.  Customers have come in and felt at a loss as to what to purchase and sometimes overwhelmed with too much selection.

In this blog, I’m going to tell you about how people pick out their adult toys, tell you what our top seller is, introduce you to the new version of the product made by CalExotics as well as talk about adult toy functions and materials.

But first, I’m going to ask you to think about, “How do you pick out your own adult toy?”  Especially if it is a product you have never used?

People can vary on their taste and the way they shop.  But what I have noticed in my adult store, is that most people start with the visual.  College age girls usually go with something that is cute, pretty & not invasive.  (Meaning, they are not looking for a realistic, large dildo.)  Then, the next thing they want to do is to touch the product.  They are seeing if it is the material is the way they like it.  Sometimes a toy can be too hard, too soft or they might be sensitivities to a certain material.

Then, in my store I like to allow a customer to be able to turn on the toy.  The customer is not only checking out the power & all the functions, but is also seeing if the toy is too loud.   After handling a product most customers are sure if they like it or not after a couple seconds.  If they are not satisfied, I will show them other selections.

The toy I start off with to show my customers is the Top Selling Vibrator in our store:  The “Butterfly Kiss” & then the “Platinum Edition – Butterfly Kiss” by Calexotics.

The Butterfly Kiss

The “Butterfly Kiss” is a 3 speed, waterproof, cute looking, dual vibrator in either fuchsia or blue.  It is a vibe that fits nicely in the hand, with a flexible ball shaped head that is not too long but it is the right length to hit the G-Spot.

Just below the neck of the head is a little butterfly with the wings & antenna facing upwards.  Like a Rabbit vibrator, it is a dual vibe, one vibrating inside the woman & one vibrating outside on the clitoris.  Unlike the Rabbit, the“Butterfly Kiss” does not have overwhelming multifunctions or the moving beads in the middle of the toy and it is not expensive.  At our adult store we sell it for $24.99 and less at my online store here.

As for the material of the toy it is a TPR material (a thermoplastic rubber).  TPR is an elastic, flexible, strong, phthalate-free material that enhances penetrative stimulation.  It is a porous material, however; so be sure to clean the toy to the best of your ability with anti-bacterial soap or cleaning solution.

The Platinum Edition– Butterfly Kiss

The “Platinum Edition – Butterfly Kiss”  looks and feels like the other “Butterfly Kiss” but only this one has 9 Special Functions.  It comes in a soft powder pink colour or soft powder purple.  Unlike the other toy, it not only has slow to faster speeds, but it has pulsing and different vibrations to enhance the experience in a more advanced toy.  The Platinum Edition is still an affordable price and at our retail store it is $34.99 and less on our online store that ships from the U.S.

The New Silicone Butterfly Kiss

Now, I would like to introduce you to the NEW “Silicone Butterfly Kiss” that has just come out and that I plan to have in my store.  With the same look as the others, in a 3 speed, 2 orgasmic motors, this cute dual vibe is made from a soft, flexible, silicone material.  It is great for beginners to even advanced users such as myself.  And being a“CalExotic Sexpert” I get to try out this awesome toy and blog about it!  What a cool job I have!

For those who don’t know what Silicone is, it is soft and lifelike material that is hypoallergenic, warms up quickly to the body temperature and is a non-porous material.  It is easy to clean (with mild soap and water, or boiled for sterilization. Unlike jelly rubber and other porous materials, silicone can be sterilized in temperatures up to 300 °C (572 °F). In addition, it can be bleached in a 10% bleach solution.  This is a healthier material and great for people with sensitivities such as those to a cheaper jelly material.

When using lubricants always use a water based lube on Silicone toys.  Silicone and Silicone can not be used together, it will ruin the product.  I always suggest water based or organic water based lube to customers in my store because it is healthier for the girl, non sticky, cleans up easily & does not ruin your Silicone product.

I tried the “Silicone Butterfly Kiss” the other night for the first time and loved it.  I love dual vibes.  And most girls get more pleasure from having vibration inside, hitting the g-spot and on the outside vibrating on the clitoris at the same time.  What I love the most is that it is Silicone.  It feels soft, healthier to use & makes me feel like it is a higher quality toy.

Thank you CalExotics, I love it and it is now in the basket of toys beside my bed with my other favs!